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  • Office Visit

This is an appointment to discuss new or existing health issues, concerns, worries or symptoms. At the time of your visit your provider may request a return visit to followup on any health concerns that arose during your visit.

Office visits are covered by a standard insurance co-pay or deductible that are due at the time of your visit.

  • Physical & Preventive Care Visit

How often should I have a physical or preventive visit?

If you're a healthy adult, you'll likely only need to see your provider once a year for a physical exam, also may be know as a preventive visit. If you're managing a chronic condition, your provider may have you schedule office visits more frequently.

What to expect at a physical or preventive care visit?

A physical can also be a preventive step. During your visit you provider will likely ask you about your current health, family history, past illnesses and surgeries, chronic conditions to assess your healthy risk, update on vaccinations or may identify any health issues that may need further evaluation.

In addition, your provider may conduct screenings, specific to your age and gender. Some screenings may not be covered by your health plan, so please check with your health plan to help prevent out of pocket costs.

If you need specialized treatment, your provider may recommend a specialist. Some specialists may require a referral, so please check with your health plan prior to any specialized appointment to help prevent any out of pocket costs.

In the event that your physical or preventive visit requires additional evaluation, that may also lead to an office visit. You may be billed for both the physical or preventive visit AND the office visit. It is important to remember that this may result in unanticipated out of pocket costs for you based on your healthcare plan.

  • Medicare Yearly Wellness Visits

If you are on Medicare or a Senior Medicare Advantage Health Plan your "Welcome to Medicare Visit" and your "Annual Wellness Visit" are covered under your plan.  This is allowed once per year. With Medicare, your Part B deductible does not apply.

  • Immunizations

Midtown Family Medicine provides general vaccines for young children through the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program administrated by the State of New Mexico. This program covers routine vaccines for children from newborn to age 18. In most cases our office will care for children starting at age 5.

Vaccines for adults are offered only for tetanus on a 10 year interval. Adult vaccines for bacterial pneumonia and shingles are referred to local pharmacies. Our office also provides flu vaccines for adults, but a limited supply is available each year.

  • Pediatrics

Midtown Family Medicine offers medical care to children beginning at the age of 5+. We treat coughs, fevers, minor cuts and injuries, stomach aches and ear aches, and provide annual and sports physicals. We also provide immunizations through Vaccines for Children.

  • Woman's Health Care

Midtown Family Medicine has a physician assistant who can provide gynecological exams for routine care. Mammogram's are referred to local radiology groups according to your health insurance.

  • Disease Management

Midtown Family Medicine providers can address a variety of chronic illness and disease management. Many of these services are delivered with the help of specialty care and our providers are familiar with the referral networks. Midtown Family Medicine maintains electronic records that update your patient records to keep vital information available for review.

  • Lab Services

Tricore Labs and Quest Diagnostics are the most common labs our providers use for this area. Each health insurer is contracted with at least one or both of these labs for routine lab panels using serum or urine specimens. A limited amount of phlebotomy services are offered at Midtown Family Medicine.

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