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You’ve heard it a million times: Wash your hands. And it’s true, hand hygiene is your first line of defense against colds and flu this winter. “People think they get respiratory illness because of a cough or sneeze, but often it’s because of self-inoculation—taking your fingers and touching your eyes, nose, and mouth,” says public health expert Michael Greger, MD.

Problem is, we’ve all heard this advice for decades, and yet most of us still have to deal with at least a few days of hacking, sneezing, and lost productivity each year. Which is why we think it’s time to add a few new strategies to your cold- and flu-fighting arsenal. We asked 10 different doctors—ranging from sports medicine physicians to acupuncturists—for their supplementary strategies for fending off the funk. Follow their advice, and this may just be your healthiest winter yet.

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